Now I've got my own site. And...?

... it just contains an incomplete collection of my projects!

Some infos about/extensions for wikidPad, a really great Wiki-like notebook.

My Raspberry Pi page.

Inspired by the usage of the above mentioned Raspberry Pi as music server
I created rcmpd, a bash script to control the underlying MPD (Music Player Daemon)
via a good old infrared remote control.

Within rcmpd I'm using paps for printing the playlists.
Since paps is missing a feature I wanted to use (a --title option) I created a patch for it.
It was my first patch for a Debian package and is described here.

Since I'm almost always on Fedora Linux now a link to it shouldn't be missing:

Get Fedora!

And finally my VEDIT Fan PageVEDIT Fan Page from my times on Windows...

Have fun!