Christian Ziemski's

Raspberry Pi Page

For a couple of years now I'm using Raspberry Pis for several projects.

On this page I'm trying to document some of my work.

An Audio Player

One of the first projects was an audio player based on Volumio which itself uses the Music Player Daemon (MPD).

For a professional audio output to my amplifier I mounted the excellent HifiBerry DAC.

Because I wanted to control that player comfortably with an infrared remote control I created a little tool: rcmpd.

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A Webcam

In 2014 I purchased a camera module for the Pi.
Or to be exact: For another Pi, since the audio player from above has found a fixed place in our home now.

With the camera module I built a webcam, documenting the growth of our tomatoes on the balcony like a flip-book. ;-).

Since the webcam software I found online didn't fit my needs and it's fun to do it by oneself, I created my own.
It only consists of two small bash scripts combined with a bit of HTML and Javascript code,
served by an HTTP server on the Pi (lighttpd in my case).

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A GUI program for the Raspberry Pi camera module

Inspired by the article Graphical interface for raspistill in the raspberrypi forum
describing a GUI program written in Python by sixbacon I'm working on it too now, based on sixbacon's version.

My work is located here: