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2010-12-07 ToDo-Extension Fix: tags like '*-W*-d' sometimes sorted wrong; new date format '*-E+-ddd' for Easter
2010-04-10 ToDo-Extension Fix: Now working with WikidPad 2.1alpha as well
2010-03-31 ToDo-Extension Bugfix: Grouping of [Very]Low tags, "*-*-dd+d" New: showInfoOnPage
2010-01-25 ToDo-Extension Bugfix: date calculation. Sorry for any inconveniences.
2010-01-10 ToDo-Extension Bugfix: calculation of week number. New date formats added.
2009-05-27 ToDo-Extension as of 2009-05-11 is no longer in beta state
2009-05-11 Bugfix for the (beta) version of the ToDo-Extension
2009-02-02 ToDo-Extension works with WikidPad 2.0alpha too now (+ bug fix)
2008-02-16 New plugin sortSelection
2007-12-06 bugfix for ToDo-Extension
2007-10-22 little fix for ToDo-Extension
2007-10-20 New version of ToDo-Extension: optional separate calendar page and display weekday and week number for dates
2007-10-08 Cleaned up this web page a bit. Added parentlesslistParentless plugin
2007-10-02 Test feature for Graham now incorporated in normal version and a few new things added
2007-08-04 Fixed test version added below (for Graham; if items != 'todo' are collected, they are marked as such on ToDo page)
2007-07-27 Fix removed because no longer necessary due to todays new wikidPad 1.9beta8
2007-07-27 Fix: Problem with displayMessage of wikidPad 1.9 up to beta7.
2007-06-18 Fix: Problem with multiple-tabs of wikidPad 1.9.
2007-06-16 Fix: Tags like "todo.sometext.2007-06-17" are working now.
2007-01-31 The code is prepared for wikidPad 1.9 now! It should work in <=1.8 and 1.9
2007-01-29 Below code is not yet prepared for wikidPad 1.9
2006-11-15 Trac is open again, but I think I will still store the details here.