Christian's collection of VEDIT macros

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News: 2009-01-01: Trying to do an update for this page after a long time. Not finished yet!

This page and it's sub-pages are generated automatically by the macro xlist-mc2.vdm (listed on the TOOLS page).
The macro gets a manually maintained definition file and a list of files in a directory (index.txt, see also on the TOOLS page) and merges them together to a tree of pages like this.

Due to the simple formated definition file it's really easy to maintain a list of files with descriptions and to date up a complete site.

The macros on these pages are sorted by "categories" into a tree of sub-pages.
(Unfortunately it's not always easy to choose the correct category to put a macro in; and sometimes a macro may theoretically belong to more than one category.
So you may have to browse a bit... To help with that there are two indexes: one sorted alphabetical and one sorted by date.)

Each category page has an optionally list of links to more sub-categories and one or more tables for the macros, devided into sort-of sub-categories too.
Each table has some rows with one macro per row.
- The left column shows the macro name and is a link to it.
- The next one gives a short description.
- The last column shows the date when the macro has been changed last.

Finally don't forget: No warranty for those macros. Use them at your own risk. ;-)

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Last change: 2009-01-15